Adhesive window film is undoubtedly among the key tools for your business' eye-catching image. Sprint Team has years of experience in the production of these items, for different purposes:

  • obscuring an environment
  • ensure greater privacy
  • customize and decorate a bay window to fit your needs

Stickers and decorative window films

Sprint Team (Milan, M. Wagner) offers its customers the ability to create a conceptual image with films and glass decorations of different types, suitable for windows, shop fronts and glazing of any kind. Glass is easily decorated using adhesive films and stickers. Our company produces adhesives for customised windows. We create adhesive such films with contrasting decorations or with a softer, satin effect. The staff of Sprint Team is competent to advise on everything related to adhesive films, where you can add your logos, trademarks or just order them in neutral or colorful designs.

Window film is the easiest and fastest way to customize and give character to a room. Film is easy and fast to remove, to create different styles and launch specific messages.

The staff of Sprint Team is available to assist and propose solutions that are guaranteed to create an impact, make your business memorable and launching your advertising image. To request information, quotes or other, fill out the form in the "Contacts" section, or call us on 02 4980797. The company is located in Milan, Via Martin Lutero 4, near Precotto and its Metro stop.

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