One of the services offered by the Sprint Team (Milan) is to design and produce adhesives for commercial vehicles and trucks, a rapid and effective solution to customize each type of vehicle with the logo of a particular company or with a specific advertising message.

Adhesive logos and images for cars

Decorating vehicles with stickers allows you to customize your vehicles in an original and non-permanent way. Based on your needs, you can create PVC adhesive logos, films and vinyl stickers with slogans and advertisements. The creative staff of Sprint Team is here to offer brilliant and effective solutions for the production of items that are able to highlight the image of each customer. 

Carwraping and films for commercial vehicles

Car Wrapping, one of the industry's most innovative techniques, is also offered at Sprint Team. The process consists of coating the bodywork of any type of vehicle with adhesive films, satin, matte or embossed, totally or partially changing the color and appearance of the car. This allows you to protect the original bodywork from scratches and wear, as well as to customize it based on business and advertising needs, for a quick and effective impact.

Customizing vehicles with stickers

Stickers for cars give you greater visibility because they are capable of capturing the attention of other motorists and passers-by, represent advertising on the move and engage very wide and diverse an audience.

The adhesive films pre-spaced for cars and vans can be made to a custom design. They are easy to apply on any flat or undulating surface, and adapt to the body without damaging it.

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