Modern exhibitors with an innovative design, recently roll-up ads have become a huge success in the exhibition industry, at promotion of events, conventions and presentations. Roll-up advertising signs consist of a sheet of technical fabric that rolls-up into a handy resealable cylindrical container. This format has many advantages, offering great effectiveness for the launch of a brand or a specific product or an idea.

The benefits of roll-ups

Roll-up posters and advertising are practical to transport because of their reduced dimensions: simply unroll the poster from the cylinder and secure on special supports included in the set - voila, your poster is ready to strike! These solutions are ideal for creating fast visual impact, both outdoor and indoor, reducing logistical problems and transport, ensuring the utmost convenience and comfort.

Printing and personalization of roll-up posters

With the experience and professionalism of Sprint Team, your custom roll-up posters will be ready in no time, available in different formats and sizes. Roll-up posters are printed digitally, on both sides or on one side, according to your specific needs. Roll-up posters are a cheap and fast solution. The stand and supports can be re-used, just change the roll-up adding a new customised message!

To request a quote on digital prints, design banners, displays, personalized gadgets - contact our Milan office in Via Martn Lutero 4 on 02 4980797. Sprint Team takes care of your visual communication with fresh ideas and winning innovative solutions.

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