Window decal is nothing but adhesive decoration for glass and windows, a versatile and original method to customize them with an inscription or a company logo, useful for all types of commercial activities. You can also use them to decorate interior, ensuring greater privacy.

Decorate your windows with logos and messages

Sprint Team (Milan) has years of experience specialized in design and manufacture of adhesives, window stickers and adhesive lettering. These products are made with professional plotter on sheets of adhesive material, customizing not only the format and size, but also the colors, images and writing, composing the desired message. All this with the supervision of our professional staff, who will offer the best support for every need. 

Application of decals

There are many possible applications of the stickers, such as:

  • customize a commercial showcase
  • decorate an interior glass wall
  • customize an outdoor area
  • convey a message or report activity

Window stickers made by Sprint Team are a simple and inexpensive way to convey an advertising campaign or a marketing message, providing a great visual impact. Adhesive lettering and decorations are easy to apply and to remove. Adhesive PVC film is also resistant to water and humidity.

Our specialized personnel is available for advice and requests of all types: just fill out the form in "Contacts", or call 02 4980797.

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